In Windows 10 by default we need to single click to active a window. But in some scenarios , it would be convinient to active window by following mouse pointer ,which means when you hovering your mouse pointer on o window ,that specific window will be activated.

Such as when we have an external monitor and we use extend mode , and we need to type something in application which located in external monitor , if we enable this feature we can save some clicks.

Below is the steps to enable this feathure.

1.Open your <strong>Control Panel</strong> from your start menu

2.In the control panel window ,search <strong>ease</strong> ,then click <strong>Change how your mouse works</strong>

3.In the <strong>Make the mouse easier to use </strong>window, tick <strong>Actvie a window by hovering over it with the mouse</strong> then click <strong>OK</strong>

4.Now you are done , you can try if this feature is what you want, if not just revert it back.

I enabled active window by following mouse pointer because I’m using vnc on my external monitor, so that while I’m moving mouse from internal screen to external one I needn’t to make a click before typing something.