1.On server side generate ssh key

  • Generate ssh rsa keys ,you can press Enter 3 times to leave empty passphrase
ssh-keygen -t rsa

  • copy ssh private key and save it as a file in Windows

    cat .ssh/id_rsa

    Let’s say we save it as rsa.ppk or even rsa.txt

2.On Windows convert ssh private key to putty known format using puttygen

  • Download puttygen (exe 64-bit x86)

  • Open puttygen.exe ,click load ,then select rsa.ppk (if you saved private key as TXT file ,remember to choose All Files )

  • Click Save private key to save it somewhere as ppk file ,let’s say test.ppk

3.Configure putty to use private key to ssh without password

  • Open putty , in Session tab , input hostname/IP of remote server

  • Go to Data tab , input your login username

  • Go to Auth tab, select the ppk file

  • Go to Session tab again to save these as a saved session

    Now all set , you should be able to use that private key to ssh to remote server without password.