This simple guide will show you how to shutdown your windows 10 automatically at a specified time using task scheduler.

1.From Start Menu or Search Box , search “task scheduler” then open it

  1. Click Create Basic Task to schedule task

3.Name your task ,like “shutdown laptop”,and add the description

4.For the Trigger ,here we choose Daily as example

5.Specify the time here

6.For Action, choose Start a Program

7.Here we use command “shutdown /s /f” to shutdown windows

shutdown /s /f
#  /s means shutdown
#  /f means force running apps to close
#  the default time-out before shutdown is 30 sec 
#  you can customize this like "shutdown /s /f /t 120"
#  Here "/t 120" set the time-out to 120 sec

8.Click Next then Finish

9.(Optional) In Task Scheduler Library , you can modify or delete this task